The Three Levels of FLRs

There are many different types of Female Led Relationships, but the most common one is when the woman wants to be in control of her own life and make her own decisions without interference from a man or anyone else.

Level 1

It is possible to have a female led relationship without having a female led marriage. I think of it as level one – the easiest and most common level of female led relationship.

Level one is where both partners are aware that the woman has more power in the relationship than the man, but no specific rules are agreed upon to use that power.

The woman has her way by default. If there are disagreements, she can apply whatever pressure she needs to get her way.

Level 2

The second level in a Female Led Relationship is a man’s acceptance of his partner as the dominant decision-maker in the relationship, both in and out of the bedroom.

At this level, a woman may have a say in any aspect of her partner’s life, from what car he drives to what he wears. The rules for this level are less strict than at Level 3 and do not extend to every area of the couple’s life.

At Level 2, the woman takes on a more dominant role in the relationship. She is making the decisions and her husband is following her lead. He may want to be involved in decision-making, but she encourages him to let her decide.

How does this level differ from Level 1? At Level 1, the woman often makes all of the decisions, but she still talks with her husband about what she is doing and listens to his advice. At Level 2, he isn’t consulted as much and will often find himself only hearing about decisions after they have been made.

Level 3

A level 3 FLR is the most extreme form of female led relationship. At this stage, the woman can make any decision without consulting her partner.

The man in the relationship is expected to be obedient and loyal to his partner. He will take on more traditionally feminine roles, such as childrearing and chores around the house. He will not question his partner’s decisions and will accept her authority unconditionally.

This is the level at which the man feels secure to relinquish his worldly power—the top job, the paycheck—to his female partner, who now becomes the primary breadwinner, while he takes on a more traditionally feminine role.

The roles are not reversed so much as they are completely expressed. This is why it’s called a level 3 relationship—there is no pretending here. The roles are clear and defined, and there is no need for power struggles over whose “turn” it is to be dominant or submissive.

Also, both partners are now free to express themselves in ways that were not possible for them prior to reaching this level of relationship maturity.

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