7 Days of Denial Introduction

These seven days were inspired by Velvet Veronica (a Soft FemDom Goddess). What is a soft (gentle) FemDom, instead of me trying to explain it I will allow Cosmopolitan explain it. So what is the seven days of denial? It is simply how it sounds, Brandon suffers for seven days with no release then on […]

Day 1 : 10 Minutes of Desperation

Today’s Goal: Today’s goal was to begin the process of denial, and to bring Brandon’s desire to orgasm to a heightened level. Today’s Methods: Brandon was tied spread eagle on the bed and teased relentlessly with a Hitachi Magic Wand Today’s Results: Brandon was in near tears begging for release, but when I was done […]

Day 3 : Access Denied

Today’s Goals: Today I wanted to continue increasing the desperation in Brandon, and showing him what he is missing, allowing him to have a slight taste of what he craves. Today’s Methods: After removing his cage I begin rubbing his cock down with some oil until he is nice and hard. I then straddle him […]

Day 6 : Fleshlight Denial Game

We don’t own a fleshlight (we need to invest in one care to donate to our cause?). But we have a generic version of a flesh light that we used. There is not a lot to say about the torture today, watch Veronica’s video and you will see almost identical to what we had happen. […]

Day 7 : Killing Him Softly

I would had never thought a couple paint brushes could deliver so much torture. Thank you Veronica for this idea. Brandon would remain mostly nude all day and I was wearing some white lace stockings, garter, crotchless panties, and a sheer see through half blouse thingy he likes. It was a Thursday, but that is […]

Release : Orgasm he Won’t Forget

Post orgasm torture (POT) is so much fun, why have I never done this before? He remained locked up all day and was in anticipation, I would tease him and say things like, you ready to cum tonight? He would say something like oh yes, I would laugh and see we will see. I told […]