7 Days of Denial Introduction

These seven days were inspired by Velvet Veronica (a Soft FemDom Goddess). What is a soft (gentle) FemDom, instead of me trying to explain it I will allow Cosmopolitan explain it. So what is the seven days of denial? It is simply how it sounds, Brandon suffers for seven days with no release then on […]

Day 1 : 10 Minutes of Desperation

Brandon always liked teasing me with the Hitachi Magic Wand now that I am in control of him this week, the tides are turning. Brandon said it was one of the hottest things he has endured mixed with one of the most frustrating and torturous acts. This one is going into regular use!

Day 3 : Access Denied

Today’s Goals: Today I wanted to continue increasing the desperation in Brandon, and showing him what he is missing, allowing him to have a slight taste of what he craves. Today’s Methods: After removing his cage I begin rubbing his cock down with some oil until he is nice and hard. I then straddle him […]

Day 6 : Fleshlight Denial Game

We don’t own a fleshlight (we need to invest in one care to donate to our cause?). But we have a generic version of a flesh light that we used. There is not a lot to say about the torture today, watch Veronica’s video and you will see almost identical to what we had happen. […]

Day 7 : Killing Him Softly

I would had never thought a couple paint brushes could deliver so much torture. Thank you Veronica for this idea. Brandon would remain mostly nude all day and I was wearing some white lace stockings, garter, crotchless panties, and a sheer see through half blouse thingy he likes. It was a Thursday, but that is […]

Release : Orgasm he Won’t Forget

Post orgasm torture (POT) is so much fun, why have I never done this before? He remained locked up all day and was in anticipation, I would tease him and say things like, you ready to cum tonight? He would say something like oh yes, I would laugh and see we will see. I told […]