Day 4 : Gimp Tied and Fucked

This day we was nearly identical to Veronica in her video below. With a few modifications.

After securing him to the bed spread eagle and hands tied back to the headboard, I took a strap across his hips to hold them down so he could not buck me.

I began by having him lick my pussy, as I got more and more turned on I began to ride his face grinding my pussy into his mouth. I could look down and see his eyes, he is so sexy. I turned around and had him lick and tongue my ass while I played with my clit.

As he is giving me an amazing rim job I take his cage off and slide down and begin grinding my hips on his cock, with it not being in me. I the slowly slide his cock in me and fuck him hard and fast for about 30 seconds then stop, I did this several times until he was literally begging me to stop.

I undid his hands and told him to put his cage back on and he had till the time I orgasm to be locked back up or he would get punished by adding a day. I hovered over his face, reverse cowgirl style, as I began to use the wand on my clit. I could watch him fumble with the cage, and doing it without looking and limited mobility made it that much harder. As I began to moan he began to panic and tried to get it locked quicker, he finally did managed to get locked up moments later I squirted all over his face, then I rested my pussy on his face and rubbed it all in. He could not clean up as he was locked in place, I had put the keys to the leg shackles in a time controlled box, and it had another 20 minutes left, so he was left waiting while I went and cleaned up.

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