Disadvantages of a Female Led Relationship

  • People in their families, friends, co-workers, and neighbors may develop set ideologies about what kind of woman she might be. They may perceive gender role reversal as a negative connotation.
  • There may not be many men out there who are ready to relinquish their dominance or masculinity to a woman. Calling the shots is what they know best, and that may be difficult for a woman to find easily.
  • There may be a gap in communication if the rules are not defined from the very beginning. It can bring rifts in any relationship and may lead to an emotional, physical, mental, and financial discord.
  • Your intimate relationship can hamper, if you’re not truly into a woman leading the way. How a man controls a woman in bed says a lot about their relationship. So, if he is letting her take the reins, he or others around may think he’s less of a man.
  • If you’re the only couple in your group enjoying a female-led relationship, chances are you might get judged or looked down upon by other couples.
  • A man may feel trapped in the relationship if his partner doesn’t take his wishes into account from time to time. Regardless of him wanting to let his partner lead, his emotions, wants, needs, and desires should also be met.
  • There is a possibility of such a relationship to take a more physically active role. Power and freedom can, at times, go into someone’s head and lead a person down a scary path. Physical, mental, verbal, or financial abuse is very much a reality.
  • A man, in order to please his partner, might alienate himself from the world. He may not stay in touch with his family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, just so he can keep the peace at home.
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