Day 5 : Oh Fuck Oh Fuck

How does 45 minutes of being on the edge or orgasm and denied sound? Well to Brandon it sounded fun at first.

I strapped him down again like I did yesterday fully nude I was fully clothed even with my fuzzy socks. I began with a slow deep blow job licking the glands under his cock, taking him deep in my mouth until I gagged multiple times, I know this is a huge turn on for Brandon.

I then set up between his legs and dribbled warm oil all over his cock and began to slow tease it. Changing methods and tempo, from using my palm, to circling the head, to hard fast stroking and back to slow deliberate strokes. I had him on the edge, and every time I would sense he was about to cum, I would stop and wait 30 seconds or so then go again.

Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Oh Fuck,, those words never came from his mouth, but there was a lot of please please, I will do anything, tell me what you want, a new diamond ring? Sure lets go tomorrow.  I left him hanging and locked him back in his cage with so much precum on him that it looked like he had came three times. Off to a cold shower he went.

If the video is broken on this page, then please let us know by verfying the information above is correct and pressing submit below. Thank you - Chastity & Brandon

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