30 Day Submission Introduction :

This 30 days is compiled from a subreddit. Ground Rules: As a Dom/domme you have ultimate control over this list, how it plays out, and the order/speed in which it progresses etc. Don’t feel pressured to continue just because. As a sub, you have no choice but to agree with the dom/domme unless it crosses […]

30 Day Submission Day 3 : Establish some safe words/actions

Establish some safe words/actions I would imagine that 2 words, one for yellow(slow down I’m uncomfortable) and red(stop immediately) and discuss a safe action for times that you may be unable to talk if gagged etc. Dropping a coin you have in your hand for example. Write these down and discuss between the two of […]

30 Day Submission Day 4 : let your dom/Domme pick how they want to be addressed

let your dom/Domme pick how they want to be addressed Doms/Dommes enforce this and practice this. “what do you call me?” Etc. Make sure the sub knows how to address you. Be forceful, be demanding this is about the dom/Domme make sure the sub knows what to call you. If you want all of this […]

30 Day Submission Day 5 : Start directing the sub to do things you want

Start directing the sub to do things you want Start small. “come here” “kneel” etc. Verbally reward for good behaviour/compliance. No punishments as of yet. Do this at least daily from now on. Always verbally reward good behaviour from now on.

30 Day Submission Day 6 : Demand something you haven’t before

Demand something you haven’t before Something that you want. But start small. I.E do the dishes. Or clean the bathroom. Make sure you check their work when complete and it is to your standard. Make sure they know if they did a good job. If they didn’t make them do it again and again until […]

30 Day Submission Day 7 : Communication Day

Communication Day Discuss with each other how the week felt. What you thought worked and what didn’t. Be open and honest. It’s early days here. Be patient. Remember the Dom/Domme is still in charge during these sessions, so if the sub is digressing, then the Dom/Domme must control that.

30 Day Submission Day 8 : Dom/Domme start to introduce some rules

Dom/Domme start to introduce some rules Naked only in the house, or sub must not look at you. a particular item of clothing is to be worn to show ownership etc. Be creative, what makes you feel power over your sub. Remind them who is boss. These rules will be in force till the end […]

30 Day Submission Day 9 : Teasing Day

Teasing Day Make sure to send your sub something suggestive today. Don’t forget to remind them about how well they are coping with new rules/changes in dynamic. Maybe even be more suggestive/flirty around the house with them, shorter dress or better dressed, sexy underwear etc. Make sure your sub acknowledges your attempts in a way […]