UPDATE 7/27/2022

Brandon and I have decided to enter into a full time Female Led Relationship. After all of this experimentation and fun, we both felt this was the most fun, relaxed, and love time we have had together. We will still be experimenting and having fun, I will undoubtedly be dominated some more, but this blog will have more of a FLR feel to it.

What it the misadventures of Chastity? Well I am Chastity (some irony in the name) and this site is dedicated to my husband (Brandon) and I’s misadventures (in sex). See Brandon and I have been married for six years now. We are still living our honeymoon and we do not plan to change that.

Now people have asked how do you Brandon stay so fresh? I answer simple, we have adventures. What kind of adventures? I blush and go ummmm in sex. Cue jaw drop. I go on to tell them, that we are not shy about our lives, we just don’t openly broadcast our fun (until now that is). The full truth is after about three years of marriage things got rocky, we went through couples counseling, and about a year ago it was recommended we try broadening our sex life to try new fun things. It was suggested we role play.

Roleplay? What is that? So hubby and I started doing research and found all kinds of stuff. Then Brandon showed me a porn video (My first ever yes I was sheltered). I was appalled at first, then I realize they are just two people doing what they enjoy, and that human sexuality should not be something to be ashamed of. That was the moment I realized it is time to have some wild adventures.

We try new things, and most of our inspiration comes from viewers like you and PornHub. When I am able we will include the porn hub video that has given us inspiration.

So why this site? A friend of mine suggested it, and I thought well this may be fun. So why not?

I have started adding random challenges I find online, some we will do some we won’t, but regardless please do some and let us know your outcome.

So use that contact button and send us your challenge, and who knows if we complete your challenge we will give you a shout-out, or maybe some swag.

Now let the (mis)adventures begin…..