Well Good Morning…..

I’ve gotta say, being woken up by my handsome guy spreading my legs and feeling his warm wet tongue slide between my pussy lips really is amazing. To feel so wanted that he has to just taste me and please me even if I’m sleeping.

Ya know, up until about a year ago I would have gotten so pissed and/or pushed Brandon away had he ever tried doing something like that. As a matter of fact it’s something he does a couple mornings a week or in the middle of the night when he’s home from work… again, up until last summer this would have really irritated me.

It’s little blessings like these that make me incredibly grateful that we worked so hard at repairing our marriage and our intimate relationship. We work everyday at continuing to repair and renew our emotional and physical relationship. I really believe that because we have done the work to have what we now have is why chastity and our FLR work so well.

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