Our 10 Basic Rules

  1. Brandon will not get sex on demand he will practice chastity.
  2. Brandon will do the bulk of the household chores.
  3. Brandon recognizes that my wishes come first.
  4. Brandon will never leave the toilet seat up (this should not even need to be a rule).
  5. Brandon will have to earn his orgasms.
  6. Brandon will be ready for rewards and punishments at all times.
  7. Brandon will not watch porn without me or without my permission.
  8. Brandon will give up “boys night out” except on special occasions.
  9. Brandon will cook and clean with my help at times.
  10. Brandon will give up control of finances to me.
If the video is broken on this page, then please let us know by verfying the information above is correct and pressing submit below. Thank you - Chastity & Brandon

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