SBL : Commando (Done)

He wears her under garments for a day while she goes commando in a dress

Sorry guys, it has been awhile since we have done any updates at all, but last night Brandon and I went out for supper at this cute little Italian restaurant in the city. I wore a knee length red dress, black panty hose, black pumps, push up bra, and NO panties. This isn’t the first time I have been panty free, but it always feels good especially when Brandon fingers me under the table. 

The night didn’t start off panty free though, on the way to the restaurant I set in the passenger seat and masturbated until I squirted and came all in my lacy pink panties. Once we were seated, I covertly took them off and handed them to Brandon and told him he knew what to do. (He didn’t see that coming or should I say cumming) We ate, then we went home where I fucked Brandon while he still wore my panties,  now they are his.

If the video is broken on this page, then please let us know by verfying the information above is correct and pressing submit below. Thank you - Chastity & Brandon

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