SBL : If the Peg Fits (Done)

So Brandon agreed to let me choose the next three games if I slept covered in dried cum. I have been waiting on this moment, as we usually pick them together and come to an agreement on them. Well the time has come, this one he has been avoiding for sometime, so let me set the scene. 

I told him to go bend over the bed I had a surprise for him that he would enjoy, as he walked to the room I handed him a blindfold to put on. I then donned a strap on and came up and lubed his ass, he inquired why I was lubing his ass? I reached between and stroked his cock and told him not to worry he will be happy. Then I slid my latex cock in to his tight ass. He jumped and let out a yell, but wasn’t long before he started bucking against me fucking himself. This was his first ever prostate orgasm. 

If the video is broken on this page, then please let us know by verfying the information above is correct and pressing submit below. Thank you - Chastity & Brandon

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