30 Day Sex Challenge: Intro

This a challenge we found on this website, we have not completed this challenge but it is on our list of things to do.

Here are the rules.

One Reddit user, TryAnything3Times, shared their plan to reignite the passion in their relationship by way of a 30-day sex challenge.

As you could guess, they plan to have sex every day for a month, but there’s a daily activity that goes along with it, forcing them out of their comfort zones and bonding them together.

Before diving in, they established some ground rules.

After looking over the list, each partner can modify or replace two activities before the challenge starts. Once you begin, there’s no editing the list.

Each partner also gets two “veto” days in which they can ditch the list’s activity and opt just for sex. If you’re out of “vetos,” you’re allowed to borrow one from them as long as they get to pick the new activity.

If both partners agree on something, it can be added to the list, and if you miss a day, just tack it on to the end of the challenge.

Finally, you’re allowed to pause the challenge if holidays, business trips or her period gets in the way (though you can certainly continue if you’re into that).


Each week things amp up

Week 1:

The first week is pretty tame but it’s meant to boost your connection with your partner and help you explore the idea of frequent, fun sex together. Before you “veto” any ideas this week, give them a try. Push yourself outside your comfort zone to explore new ways to get sensual with your lover.

Week 2:

Keep up with the fun and dive into these slightly more aggressive sexual activities. Leaving the house or finding a new sexy spot outside the bedroom are big ones here! These little tweaks to your normal sex routine can help you see intimacy as something that doesn’t just happen before bed. The thrill that comes with the risk of getting caught will have your heart racing, too — an added bonus.

Week 3:

You’re halfway done, so it’s time to crank up the heat. Though you won’t find any third wheels or backdoor play on the list, this week may push you to really step outside your comfort zone and explore new heights with your partner. Instead of getting nervous, channel your energy into excitement for the ahh-mazing feelings to come.

Week 4:

As you finish out the list, make note of the activities you enjoyed most and surprise your lover with them as often as you can. Though excuses likely plagued your sex life prior to the challenge, use the month of sex you just accomplished as motivation to maintain an adventurous, active love life.

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