SBL : Covering More Ground (Done)

Sex in Three New Places over Three days.. This challenge took some planning ahead of time. We did this on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Friday afternoon I showed up at Brandon’s office, where he fucked me hard while I was bent over his desk. He left a nice big cream pie that dripped all over my panties as to keep him on my mind remainder of the day.

Saturday, we went shopping, we went back to the restrooms and one at a time we went in to the family restroom where he fucked me again. Midway during being fucked someone actually knocked on the door to see if there was anyone in there. I wonder though if they heard my moans that I tried to hide.

Sunday, we took a walk in the state forest down the road from us, as we slipped off the path we found a clearing where I started by sucking his cock before he put me on my hands and knees and took me from behind. MMmm it felt good, and we could hear people talking it was scary, but so exciting.

We have added a few more places to have sex to our list…  Stay tuned, but if we disappear we may be in jail for lewd sexual behaviors.

If the video is broken on this page, then please let us know by verfying the information above is correct and pressing submit below. Thank you - Chastity & Brandon

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