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Will you do…..

One of the most popular questions we get is will you do this, or that. I have everything from DP with dildos to beastiality (Ummm not even going to discuss that, no thank you).

However there are two that stand out from a subscriber who calls themselves simply “M.A.”.

Could you and Brandon put together a series of howtos covering the following topics. I know you do not consider yourselves professionals, but you know more than I do and I value a amateur perspective.

Femdom, Maledom, How to be submissive, Different types of submissives, ABDL, DDLG, Sissification, Chastity, taking the limit lists that are so common and explaining the items on them.

I am sorry for such a big request, but I value your thoughts and your writings are great.

There are different aspects of those, I would like to know every aspect you can think of.


Well M.A. Brandon I have talked and we decided to take you up on your challenge. We actually started working on this a while back, but stopped due to personal reasons. Please keep in mind this site is a hobby, we make no money off of it as it is not monetized. So to honor such a request would require a LOT of time, so it may be over a year before we have everything you are asking.

So that all being said, I emailed B.A. back the following, and have not received a reply as of yet.

Dear M.A., I enjoy the challenge you presented Brandon and I, but realistically being able to accomplish what you are asking is just not fully feasible at least not any time soon. So I challenge you to come on board and help us create some of these. We will give you some topics, you research and write your perspective (include videos). Do not worry about formatting we can do that and if we disagree with something or have something more to add we will.

We have not heard back as of yet (we sent this three days ago). Brandon and I will create a set of categories and start dropping things in we have worked on already. If you would like to help out, let us know we would love to see what you can do. Sorry we can not pay you.

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