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Showing You Care

Hi Chastity, I love reading your adventures and have found many fun things to do. I have really enjoyed exploring my submissive side, but I do not feel like I show my Dominate that I care enough. My question is how do I show my Dominate that I care? – C.P. London

C.P. London, I am not a submissive by nature, so I referred your question to a submissive friend of mine who writes a BDSM blog and this is her reply.

Chastity, this is a great question and I will try to give you a response that I think will help.

When you’re a submissive in a relationship, you are always concerned about what your Master or Mistress thinks of you. You hope they can see you are trying to be the best sub you can and that they care about you as much as you care about them. But how do they know you care about them? That’s something that can be a little harder to understand. So, instead of guessing that your Master or Mistress knows that you care, here are some simple ways to ensure they know your true feelings about them.

The Basics

The easiest way to make sure your Dominate knows you care is to make sure you are always following the rules they set forth for you. When you don’t listen, it can seem as though the relationship isn’t as important to you as it is to them – and that’s not a sign you care. Make sure you are following the guidelines you have been taught, and if you’re unclear about anything, make sure you ask for clarification. Many submissives don’t want to ask because they fear that the Dominate will think they are careless, but taking the time to ensure you are on the right path is better than making mistakes and then being punished. Always best to avoid mistakes before you make them, after all.

Going the Extra Mile

Once you have the basics down, you might want to start taking notes about what your Dominate really enjoys. This might include a particular meal or a foot rub, or something else (don’t forget his favorite things in the bedroom). Any of these little things might not be something that you are ordered to do, but by giving your Dominate the things they want without their having to ask, that’s a sign you truly care about them and their happiness.

I hope this helps, if you have more questions please let me know. – anna

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