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Relationship Length

Chastity, how long have you and Brandon begin together?

I have known Brandon basically all of my life, in elementary school I picked on him. He says bullied him, but me? A small little girl bullying a boy? Seriously, we were friends, but not the friends who hung out together, just in the same class and he was fun to pick on.

When I was in sixth grade my family moved away, and we never stayed in touch at all. I actually before leaving was crushing on his friend.

Fast forward to 10th grade, when my family moved back to my hometown and I went back to my original school. Brandon and I did not really talk much as we were in different social groups. He was a jock and I was well ummm a nerd.

In our senior year, he surprised me and asked me to the homecoming dance which I accepted. We began dating after that, we graduated, went to school me at a state college, he went to a small private college. We were about 125 miles apart, but talked every single day… We spent holidays together and were in love. We did break up once over a stupid misunderstanding, but it didn’t last long. Then he proposed to me and of course i said YES!

After college graduation, we both moved back home got an apartment together. We were married in about eight months. That was six years ago, and we are still happy and going strong..

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