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Favorite Questions About Random Things 

  1. What is your favorite color? 
    1. Chastity: Pink
    2. Brandon Yellow
  2. If you have tattoos, which one is your favorite?
    1. Chastity: No tattoos sorry
    2. Brandon: Also no tattoos
  3. What is your favorite season?
    1. Chastity: Spring (Things are coming alive)
    2. Brandon: Fall
  4. What is your favorite ghost story?
    1. Chastity: No Idea
    2. Brandon: No Idea
  5. What is your favorite car to drive?
    1. Chastity: My 2019 Mustang GT
    2. Brandon: Her 2019 Mustang GT, or my Kawasaki Ninja (I know not a car)
  6. What is your favorite Halloween costume? 
    1. Chastity: Dominatrix Duh!
    2. Brandon: Lonely Puppy (Dominatrix needs something to play with)
  7. What is your favorite work of art? 
    1. Chastity: Not big art person, but I think that painting with the melting clocks is cool
    2. Brandon: The cover to the latest Assassins Creed
  8. What is your favorite comic book character?
    1. Chastity: Thor (OMG those muscles)
    2. Brandon: Batman (I like the car)
  9. What is your favorite book?
    1. Chastity: Not a book but a series The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day
    2. Brandon: Bleachers by John Grisham
  10.  Do you have a favorite sports team? 
    1. Chastity: Green Bay Packers (Cheesehead all the way)
    2. Brandon: What she said
  11.  What is your favorite flower?
    1. Chastity: Orchids
    2. The Corpse Flower (Really it’s a thing)
  12.  What is your favorite moment in history?
    1. Chastity: Meeting Brandon
    2. Brandon: Ummmm Meeting Chastity?
  13.  What is your favorite magazine? 
    1. Chastity: Cosmopolitan
    2. Brandon: Maxim
  14.  What is your favorite type of weather? 
    1. Chastity: Snowy (at first anyways)
    2. Brandon: Thunderstorm in the middle of the summer)
  15.  What is your favorite planet?
    1. Chastity: Earth
    2. Brandon: Saturn
  16.  Android or Apple: which is your favorite? 
    1. We both are diehard Apple fans
  17.  Where is your favorite place to relax? 
    1. Chastity: In a hammock
    2. Brandon: Sitting at Chastity’s feet
  18.  What was your favorite stuffed animal?
    1. Chastity: My Brown teddy bear from when I was a kid
    2. Brandon: Don’t have one
  19.  What is your favorite perfume/cologne scent? 
    1. Chastity: Lush Karma
    2. Brandon: Polo Black
  20.  What is your favorite color of nail polish?
    1. Chastity: Red
    2. Brandon: Whatever she says
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