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Favorite Questions About Entertainment

  1.  What is your favorite romance movie?
    1. C: The Lucky One
    2. B: 365 Days
  2.  What is your favorite Oscar-winning movie? 
    1. We had to look up oscar-winning movies we had no idea
    2. C: A Beautiful Mind
    3. B: No Country For Old Men
  3.  What is your favorite movie setting?
    1. Ummm not sure (for both of us)
  4.  Who is your favorite director?
    1. C: M. Night Shamalyn
    2. B: Quentin Tarantino
  5.  What is your favorite movie to watch with friends?
    1. C: Clueless will always be a favorite
    2. B: Rocky Movies
  6.  Do you have a favorite Harry Potter movie? 
    1. C: Goblet of Fire
    2. B: The 9th one, you figure that one out
  7.  What is your favorite sci-fi movie? 
    1. C; Lucy
    2. B: Source Code
  8.  What is your favorite tearjerker movie?
    1. C: The Notebook
    2. B: What she said…
  9.  What is your favorite coming-of-age movie? 
    1. C: White Oleander
    2. B: The breakfast Club (Does that count??)
  10.  Watching movies in theaters or at home: which is your favorite? 
    1. C: Mostly at home, but movies also can provide an opportunity for some exhibitionism
    2. B: Home, please home…..
  11.  What is your favorite television series? 
    1. C: Grey’s Anatomy
    2. B: The Rookie
  12.  What is your favorite television character? 
    1. C: Meredith Grey
    2. B: Homer Simpson
  13.  What is your favorite streaming service?
    1. C: Don’t really have one
    2. B: Same they all have pros/cons
  14.  Who is your favorite fictional villain? 
    1. C: Hannibal Lector
    2. B: Hans Gruber
  15.  What is your favorite fictional relationship?
    1. C: Noah & Allie (The Notebook)
    2. B: Monica & Chandler (Friends)
  16.  Do you have a favorite hobby? 
    1. C: Ordering Brandon around… OK OK I like coupon clipping (strange I know)
    2. B: Video Games when I am allowed
  17.  What is your favorite sport?  
    1. C: Football
    2. B: Yeah Football
  18.  Do you have a favorite sports team? 
    1. Didn’t we get asked this already? We both like Green Bay Packers
  19.  Do you have a favorite sport to watch?
    1. Well if football is our favorite sport then it would make sense it is also our favorite sport to watch.
  20.  Where is your favorite sports arena/stadium? 
    1. We both love going to Lambeau Field
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