Beginner Mistress Styles – The 4 Levels Of Female Led Relationships

Looking back through history, it’s easy to see that it is primarily male oriented. Whatever the reason, the modern world has more women rising to levels of positions of power than ever before.

If you are male, and are considering a female led relationship it’s a time for thinking of relinquishing your rights.

If you are a female, and thinking about becoming a dominant mistress to a partner, then it is high time your man stepped aside and let you take the reins.

There’s an increasing interest in the female led relationship and the benefits it can bring to both the dominant female and the submissive male.

Women, of course, aren’t strangers to power, many powerful women throughout history have had power, Margaret Thatcher, Joan Of Arc, Elizabeth 1st, Indira Gandhi, or Eva Peron.

a mistress leads a collared sub on knees

There isn’t a realm of human existence where women haven’t held the top rank at some point whether it’s royalty or military command, typically male dominated arenas.

So why not modern relationships?

Why not?, women’s natural qualities and abilities can lead a traditional relationship and can mold their men for the better.

What Is The Definition Of A Female Led Relationship?

OK, so what are we talking about here and why would men want to relinquish their authority and autonomy.

It may not entirely surprise you but there is no official or community definition of a female led relationship, as it can mean different things to different people.

What it all boils down to though is a relationship where with consensual agreement, the female exerts a more dominant position in the relationship.

a mistress getting a towel outside of a bath

The relationship can be within good friends, a new partnership or a marriage, and can exist with broad scope or in tighter confines.

It’s an amorphous definition, but one where the female is given authority by the male. The female typically becomes the ‘mistress’ and the male typically becomes the ‘submissive’ or sub.

What there is more consensus about is that there are different levels of it

These are;

  • Level 1 – Mild female dominance
  • Level 2 – Medium female dominance
  • Level 3 – Heavy female dominance
  • Level 2 – Extreme female dominance

When a male trusts a female enough, most often within a loving partnership, he relinquishes his opinion and authority to the female within agreed parameters.

a mistress sits on the back of a sub

There are typical parameters, like social, financial, household tasks, errands, female desires and the female usually can dish out punishments for standards and non compliance, or challenges to the authority.

The new mistress normally has complete running of the household. She may consult the male on important matters like where to go on holiday, because it’s a loving relationship she wants an equal partnership decision.

However, for smaller matters or where she deems it important, her decision is the ultimate authority. Whether the male has to go and clean the bathroom, or make his mistress a coffee, her decision is not a request or up for discussion.

A mistress is like a sovereign authority within her domain.

Many men, especially those in responsible professional positions are entirely comfortable becoming passive and acting submissively towards their dominant female counterpart.

a mistress looks down at collared sub

Many men actually enjoy the freedom from decision, in an area where women seem to like more control.

An advantage to female led relationships is the complete lack of power struggle between the sexes, and is a key reason while it’s a perfect choice for many.

Normal relationships contain various confrontations, just naturally, whether it’s the man leaving the toilet seat up or not lifting a finger to help around the house.

In a female led relationship, this doesn’t happen. The submissive male will have orders to always leave the loo seat down and a mistress can give out taskings for chores, and set the standards for compliance. She can then administer punishments, with whatever severity she deems appropriate for the infraction.

Arguments can be vastly diminished, if not eliminated.

The relationship is based upon trust and caring, but the female leads. It is not like feminism at all, it is not about deliberately emasculating the male. The female just makes the household and relationship decisions.

a mistress looks down at collared sub in white clothing

A very popular misconception is that it is the same as role reversal, that it is the male and female typically swap roles. The female not only commands the relationship but is the breadwinner, and the male stays at home raising kids.

In a female led relationship the male can still bring in the main income, and take an active role with any kids, but the female just makes the decisions.

A female led relationship actually extends and accentuates the femininity of the female, it doesn’t diminish it.

Active feminism is actually off putting to many men, and only really happens in the more extreme levels of femdom.

The advantages to a female led relationship for the female is quite obvious. She gets what she wants, without a fight. An interesting question is whether conflict produces a more interesting relationship.

a mistress looks down at collared sub

Often though, having a male submissive to their needs and wishes produces a more harmonious household. A household where there is less tension, and chores are done to her satisfaction.

She can also mold her man slightly to make him ‘more perfect’. I don’t mean personality swaps or anything, but to adjust him slightly. A mistress in a female led relationship won’t want to significantly alter the man she was actually attracted to.

But her submissive may have a few traits she could do without, like squeezing the toothpaste in the middle, or not emptying the bins.

Maybe he has even developed a pot belly recently and a quick diet brings him back into shape. A mistress will use her authority to improve her man, when she thinks she knows best for him.

a mistress bends over at a collared sub

Women often find their men actually appreciate them more as it’s based upon trust and companionship. The mistress taking authority over areas actually increases the affection as he desires the submissiveness in the first place.

In fact, submissive may be a word with too many negative connotations, but rather he will appreciate you more as he sees you taking authority in an area where he wants freedom from decision and consequence.

Perhaps the more difficult part of understanding a female led relationship is why men actively seek it and are willing to submit to it. I’d say most requests for femdom come from the man, and the female has to learn and be persuaded.

No firm data on that, just a general perception.

It seems a little quizzicle why anyone, let alone a male would willingly submit themselves to indignity of losing their own autonomy.

For many it provides balance in their life, a counterbalance on absolution from consequence to their professional lives. There is little to no confrontation at home, the living environment becomes less frictional and additionally he may get a partner who seeks to extend her dominance into the bedroom.

a mistress receives oral from a collared sub

Always some kink involved.

The male submissive places implicit trust in the female to look out for him and care for him with her decisions, and is willing to submit to ensure that trust and devotion.

A female led relationship will extend out of the household, and is an integral part of the relationship, wherever they are. Social interactions and decisions can be heavily influenced by the female partner.

Every female led relationship is different, i’d be willing to bet almost no 2 FLR’s are identical. They are different because everyone is unique, and has different needs, wants, desires, passions, levels of trust and commitments.

There are said to be the ‘4 levels’ and to give you some idea of what you might be letting yourself in for, let’s walk through them so you can see where you might be the most comfortable.